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Amyloidosis Australia

Welcome to Amyloidosis Australia!  You may have been recently diagnosed with Amyloidosis, or you may be a close relative or friend of someone who has been diagnosed with it. For most patients and their family and friends this is a traumatic time. You have probably never heard of the condition, and, unfortunately, may have been told that it is incurable.

However, in many cases, the situation is nowhere near as grim as it would have been prior to the year 2000. There are researchers and medical experts around the world who are continually searching for ways to diagnose and treat the various forms of Amyloidosis.

Here in Australia there is now an Amyloidosis clinic at the Westmead Hospital in Sydney, NSW.  There are also world-class facilities in many of our hospitals, and treatment is usually in the hands of Haematologists at the large teaching hospitals in the capital cities.

This website is run by a family in Australia affected by Amyloidosis, a rare protein folding disorder, and we hope to provide information, support and advice for anyone in Australia or New Zealand also affected by Amyloidosis.

We are members of Amyloidosis Australia Inc, a Non Profit Association, covering both Australia & New Zealand.  

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